About Us

Hello learners, Hope you all are doing well! I am Vishal chaturvedi, I have started this website for the new students who are pursuing bachelor of dental surgery and also for the people who are not associated with the degree but are curious to know more about the dental terms.

Why did I started dentaldictionary.org?

When I was a student, I used to search many terms on the internet related to dentistry but couldn’t find their exact definitions by renowned publishers.

The definitions were self made by different content writers but as a student, I had to learn exact definitions by the publishers which were hard to find on the internet. Therefore I started this website so that no one has to face what I faced during my studies.

What you can do here?

You can search for different dental terms and their exact definitions by renowned authors. I also publish notes for a quick revision during exams. You can bookmark the site and read it on a daily basis to learn more about dentistry.

What is my vision?

I am aiming to make this website as knowledgeable as possible, so that everyone gets all solutions to their queries at one place. It will help new students to learn more and in-depth dentistry.

I may not be perfect since I am still learning and as they say, doctors never stop learning. You always learn something new from different people across the globe. I am open to feedbacks and queries.

You can contact me at [email protected] or from the contact us page.