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What is Cyanosis? Definition by A.G. ghoms & Sembulingum

Cyanosis means Blue Disease. The word Cyanosis is derived from color ‘Cyan’ which is derived from Greek word ‘Cynos’. It is a condition in which the Oxygen doesn’t bind with the haemoglobin in the red blood cells.

Due to this, the body tissue color changes in bluish or purple. Cyanosis is mainly seen in body tissues which are thinner like mucous membrane, lips, nail beds.

what is cyanosis?

What is Cyanosis?

Below are some of the definitions to define Cyanosis in detail

Definition of Cyanosis by A.G. Ghoms

Definition By Ghom — cyanosis is the bluish discoloration due to increased amount of reduced
Hb (more than 5 mg%) in capillary blood.

Definition of Cyanosis by K Sembulingum

Definition by K Sembulingam -: The diffused blueish coloration of skin and mucus membrane. It is due to large amount of reduced haemoglobin in blood. Quantity of reduced haemoglobin should be 5-7 g/dl in the blood causes Cyanosis.

Types of Cyanosis

  1. Central Cyanosis
  2. Peripheral cyanosis

Peripheral cyanosis sites

  1. Nail bed
  2. Tip of the nose
  3. Skin of the palm and toes.

Central cyanosis sites

  1. tongue

Causes of Cyanosis

Causes of Central Cyanosis

  • Congestive Cardiac Failure
  • Chronic obstructive lung disease
  • Fibrosis of lung
  • High altitude (due to low pressure of O2)

Causes of Peripheral Cyanosis

  • Cold
  • Increased viscosity of blood
  • Shock.

Causes of Mixed Cyanosis

  • Acute left ventricular failure
  • Mitral stenosis

Clinical Manifestations of Cyanosis

  • Bluish discoloration of skin occur mainly around Fingers, Toes and Lips.
  • Chest pain
  • Cough with blood

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